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Dr Anirudh Gupta , a prominent Edupreneur in India, is not only an accomplished writer but also a passionate social crusader.

As the CEO of the esteemed D.C.M Group of Schools, he has established branches across various regions of North India. This renowned organization has been dedicated to the noble cause of education since 1946, catering to approximately 20,000 students and employing over 2500 staff members.

 Dr Gupta holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and has also pursued Masters in International Trade and Finance.  He has gained recognition for his excellence and was featured amongst Top 21 Edupreneurs revolutionizing the educational landscape in the country.

Moreover, he stood out among his peers as the sole Indian Finalist for the prestigious BETT Asia Leadership Award in the field of education. His remarkable contributions were acknowledged when he received the Times Power Icon Award 2021 in the field of education, IT & Media by the Times Group. Furthermore, his exceptional efforts during the COVID pandemic were recognised by Indian Principal’s Enclave, bestowing upon him the esteemed title of “MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADER”.

Dr Gupta has also been conferred with “Honorary Doctorate” for his exceptional research based work in the field of education.

He was honoured as the ‘Educational Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Indian Education Congress. Additionally, he was bestowed with the esteemed National Education Excellence Award by Global Leaders Foundation, National Award for Excellence in Education by Indian Economic Research and Development Council, Indian Award of Excellence in Education, Young Entrepreneur Award and Most Distinguished Leader of the Year 2018 by Digital Learning. He has also been granted fellowship by the American Leadership Board. Moreover, Dr Gupta has been acknowledged for his philanthropic endeavours, receiving appreciation awards from the Chief Ministers of Punjab, Delhi and Gujarat. Dr Gupta has also been featured amongst the “33 Top Edupreneurs of India” in the “Education World” magazine and has been recognized in several other leading publications such as  Digital Learning, Brain feed and Mentor  as a prominent figure  in the ‘K-12’segment in the country. 

Wearing many hats, he is a constant source of inspiration for his team, a beacon of hope for the community and a harbinger of progress for the society.

Dr Gupta has actively participated in several National and International Conferences in the field of Education in U.K, Australia, Finland, UAE, USA, China, France, Japan and other countries. He is regular speaker  at various National and International forums , sharing his insights on diverse topics such as  Industrial Revolution 4.0: School Education Sector, Safety & Security in Schools, Regulation & Autonomy – Maintaining Balance, Leadership & Teacher Development – Capacity building, Technology in  Education etc.  Dr Gupta is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, USA and holds the position of North II-Chair of FICCI ARISE, a consortium of influential stakeholders in School Education in India. Dr Gupta also heads the Education Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce (Chandigarh Region) and acts as an Advisor (Quality) to National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), which represents over 65,000 budget schools in 22 states of India. He is also member of the Academic Council of State Education Deptt. & MBSPS University, Patiala (Government of Punjab) .

Dr Gupta has held esteemed positions such as Chairman of Global Edupreneurs Alliance, Member of Board of Governors of Shaheed Bhagat State Technical Campus (Government of Punjab), Member Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (Ministry of Railways), Member Cantonment Board (Ministry of Defence). He also serves as Chairman of Council of Infrastructural Development and Economic Reforms and is associated with various other leading education organizations, NGO’s and social and cultural societies in different capacities.



"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Holding the legacy of his family, Dr Anirudh Gupta as the CEO of the renowned DCM Group of Schools has tirelessly and passionately worked for the cause of learning and education, leaving an indelible mark on the education system. He has become one of the most admired and respected Edupreneurs of India. With a vision to achieve International Standard for Indian Schools, he serves as a beacon of change, aiming to transform not just a child, a class, a school, but entire generation. Originally hailing from Ferozepur, a small border town in the Malwa belt of Punjab, he has established world-class progressive schools to provide quality education to the children in the area. Through his futuristic school approach, he has embraced practices that set an example for other educational institutions in the region.

To identify the most effective teaching approaches techniques and ideologies.

  • Fostering innovations and their adaptations to specific circumstances.
  • To facilitate the establishment of a supportive community of parents and teachers, collaborating to enhance and innovative new educational strategies.
  • To promote equity and excellence in education.
  • To emphasize the teaching of fundamental skills while fostering creative problem-solving ability.
  • To uphold and respect individual values and embrace diversity.
  •  To recognize technology as a catalyst for development in education.
  • To incorporate digital teaching systems.
  • To leverage artificial intelligence and 3 D labs for experiential learning.


"There could be no definition of a successful life that does not include service to others."

Being an educationist and a patriot by heart, Dr Anirudh Gupta has wholeheartedly dedicated himself and his life to the welfare of his community and fellow countrymen.  Driven by a deep-rooted ambition to uplift and improve lives, he strives to create a lasting and positive impact.  Maintaining the family legacy of giving back to society, he has exemplified philanthropy through his leadership and active involvement with numerous NGO’s and welfare trusts. His tireless efforts have been focussed on promoting the welfare of the underprivileged and fostering development in the border town of Ferozepur.

A few of his initiatives to enrich people’s lives include the following:

  • Blood Donation Camps 
  • Free Medical Camps. 
  • Women Empowerment Programs. 
  • Education to the Underprivileged. 
  • Inculcating Patriotism in Students and Youngsters.
  • Extending a Helping Hand to the Especially Abled. 
  • Inclusion of Sustainable Development. 
  • Creating Green Spaces. 
  • Initiating Wellness Programs.   



Engaging in monthly food distribution activity to provide meals to those in need.


Participating in cleanliness drives to maintain a clean and hygiene environment in the surroundings.


Establishing a Clothes Bank to provide clothing for those in need.


Offering a free Computer Literacy Program specially designed for the underprivileged girls


Undertaking the adoption of Railway schools for educational support and improvement.


Organizing and conducting free medical camps to provide healthcare services to the general public.


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"Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us."

Dr Anirudh Gupta has attended several national and international conferences in the field of education in UK, Australia, Finland, China, France, Japan and many other countries. He regularly speaks at various National and International forums on diverse topics like, the Industrial Revolution 4.0, School Education Sector, Safety and Security in schools, Maintaining balance in Leadership, Teacher Development Capacity Building, Technology and Education etc. His extensive knowledge and exposure have inspired him to embrace on a journey to create progressive schools that prioritize joyful learning, freedom and discipline. These schools embrace open communication and encourage students to express themselves, catering to their individual needs. Dr Anirudh firmly believes in fostering a positive attitude towards learning by encouraging students to ask thought provoking questions, engage in critical thinking, develop research and inquiry skills and learn how to learn.


Dr Anirudh Gupta is a not only a passionate writer but also an ace journalist. His writing endeavours focus on shedding light on issues and concerns faced by every Indian in their daily lives. In this endeavour, Dr Gupta has played a significant role in highlighting local problems and bringing them to the notice of the administration and government. He possesses a deep appreciation for different places and their people. Travelling and exploring new places became a passionate venture for him due to his fascination with the cultures and histories of the world. His passionate use of language to progress ideas and raise awareness led him to a bright and successful career in journalism. He has written innumerable articles and photo features for various newspapers and magazines including the Press Trust of India and The Tribune. His journalistic approach stems from a strong connection to day-to-day events and concerns, especially in his home town of Ferozepur. His contributions in that arena have elevated the image of the town and has transformed the once small border town in to one of the mainstream cities of India. Dr Gupta has also contributed extensively to the public domain with his work in investigative journalism. He has published several reports exposing political corruption, corporate wrongdoings as well as social injustices.